Rental Terms and Conditions

LOGYOS COM SRL,  id:35295532, Str. Petru Vulcan 37, Constanta, Romania


By signing the Car Rental Agreement you declare that you have read the conditions herein and that you undertake to comply with such terms and conditions. You are responsible for ensuring that any additional drivers you have added to the rental agreement or any passengers that you allow in the vehicle observe these terms and conditions. You are responsible for any costs or charges we incur because an additional driver or passenger does not comply with these terms and conditions.
In case of damage that cannot be repaired on the spot, if the damage is not the fault of the Client, the vehicle will be replaced with another if available and if not the Client will be refunded the cost related to the rent calculated in proportion to the period the vehicle could not be used.
LOGYOS is not responsible for losses incurred by the Client in case of failure or damage to the vehicle, except the expenditure authorized by LOGYOS for repairs. Since the car delivery and up to repossession LOGYOS is exempt from liability for damage caused in traffic by the vehicle rented to the Client, as well as for road or bridge tolls or fines resulting from encroaching a parking space, violation of the road laws or Romanian laws. Reservations can be cancelled by LOGYOS, without owing anything to the client or the intermediary, if the client does not meet the minimum requirements for rental.Renters, or their passengers, are not permitted to smoke or/and eat perishable foods in any vehicles rented from LOGYOS. We take reports of smoking very seriously. If a smoke smell is reported by the Owner within 24 hours after a rental contract has ended, that Renter will be fined up to 200 EUR. The Renter may also have their registration on our platform cancelled and not allowed to rent again. A deposit of minimum 100 EUR and a pick-up & return fee: 10 EUR + 10 EUR will/could be required depending on client status and history with our Company and other .

2. Car rental conditions


Payment methods (made before renting at BNR exchange rate) * bank transfer:


RO04 BACX 0000 0016 9341 8000 | RON
RO74 BACX 0000 0016 9341 8001 | EUR
UniCredit Bank | (SWIFT: BACXROBU)


* credit/debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, DISCOVER). Cash payment: not accepted. Prices do not include fuel costs, road tolls except vignette which is included in the rental fee.
You should provide the following documents when you come to pick up the car:
* valid ID card or passport + * valid driver’s license + * credit card/debit
If the driving license of the person who rents or of the additional driver has been issued by a country from outside the EU and is not written in Latin characters, it is required an international driving license. An international driving license must be submitted with the national license.
The rented vehicle shall not be used to carry passengers or property for hire, push or tow another vehicle, use the Vehicle for any race or competition, operate the vehicle in a negligent manner etc.
The titleholder of the Car Rental Agreement must be present when the Car Rental Agreement is drafted and signed, and must acknowledge that all the expenses related to the car rental will be invoiced on his/her name. The client must allow only persons mentioned in the contract or LOGYOS representatives to drive the vehicle. There is no fee for additional driver. Being mentioned in the Contract, they accept that must meet rental conditions.
If there is an additional driver that you want to include in the Car Rental Agreement, that person must be present when you pick up the car and must provide a valid ID card/passport, together with a valid driver’s licence. The number of drivers that can be added to the agreement is: 3.
If the car is driven by a driver not included in the Car Rental Agreement and the car is damaged, the entire costs including damage caused to any third party or other costs incurred with car towing and transport, shall be paid by the titleholder of the contract, regardless of the type of protection he/she has chosen when signing the car rental agreement. Any unlawful or dangerous conduct whilst driving or otherwise making use of the vehicle will be viewed as you breaking the contract and you will lose the benefit of any damage waivers, excess reduction products, personal accident insurance. A fee will be charged on the rental agreement for improper use of the vehicle and damaged parts. The vehicle must not be used for other purposes than the ones set by the car manufacturer and general legislation.

The client is legally responsible for any improper use of the car, during the rental, you are legally and financially responsible for the failure to comply with the legislation in effect and you must pay the fines issued by any authorized institution, within the terms provided by law. The failure to comply with the legislation in effect refers strictly to the Driver, and not to the vehicle or to the owner of the vehicle. Upon request from the authorities, and in compliance with the applicable legislation, LOGYOS shall give your contact details in order for you to be sent any fines, in accordance with any contravention you are guilty of. LOGYOS shall invoice any contravention with a fee of EUR 35 representing the costs of the administrative procedures in sending your contact details to the authorities. Failure of paying Fetesti – Cernavodã bridge fees: the administration fee is EUR 20. All the cars are smoke-free vehicles, so LOGYOS will assess customers a cleaning fee of 200 EUR, if the vehicle is returned with tobacco odor or other types which require professional cleaning. In Romania, an additional fee shall be charged for different drop-off points between cities. This surcharge ranges between EUR 0 and 400.

2.2. If the car is stolen, you must submit a complaint to the responsible authorities and notify LOGYOS, no later than 3 hours after you have discovered the theft, and also provide the agency with the proof that you have submitted a complaint and hand in the keys of the car. If the car key and/or the car documents have also been stolen, you must also mention this fact when you submit the complaint. In case of immobilization due to loss of car keys, car was locked with the car keys inside, dead battery due to wrong use, wrong fuel use, damaged tires – a fee of 50 EUR will be applied if the vehicle is within the following cities: Bucharest, Constanta and 180 EUR in all other cases and also the client will pay the price listed in the invoice for lost or damaged parts.
2.3. In case of technical failure or accident or any incident requiring immediate or rapid intervention, before making any repairs (including tires), please contact LOGYOS. If possible, note the names and addresses of everyone involved, including witnesses and passengers. Complete the accident report form and return it to us as soon as possible. If the vehicle is not safe to drive, make it as secure as possible and call us to arrange recovery. Report the accident to the police and get a police report and/or a repair authorization.
Do not repair the vehicle yourself or let anyone else do so unless we have agreed to it. If you allow repairs to be carried out without our agreement, you will have to pay for it and to the extent we are allowed to do so by law, you will lose the benefit of any damage waivers, excess reduction products, personal accident insurance and/or third-party liability insurance. If you are involved in an accident or there is damage caused to the car by an identified or by an unidentified third party and no immediate repairs are needed, you must immediately inform us. If the damage is caused by an unidentified third party, the customer has the obligation to obtain the repair authorization from the police before returning the car. To help us, you must provide us a properly completed incident report form, including the contact details of the other parties involved, within the period of 48 hours following the accident. It is mandatory to provide the following documents when returning the car: an amicable car accident settlement form, correctly filled out and signed, or a certificate issued by the police and a repair authorisation (in case of accident or damage where the third party has been identified, regardless of whether you are responsible for the accident or damage or not), a copy of the driver’s licence, copies of ID cards, copy of the third party liability insurance policy, copy of the car licence of the third party involved in the accident. If you fail to provide all these documents, the personal accident insurance and other optional protection services shall become inapplicable and you are liable for the entire value of the damage, especially damage caused to the car, within the car market value, plus any expenses and costs incurred with car towing and transport, as well as for any damage caused to a third party.
2.4. You must return the car, the car keys and the car documents to LOGYOS at the date and time stipulated in the Car Rental Agreement and in all cases, during the normal working hours (delays longer than 3 hours will be charged with 1 day fee). In all cases, you must pay the costs of the rental, the costs pertaining to delayed drop off and any possible costs due to damage caused to the car until it has been returned to LOGYOS including If you drop off the car at other hours than the normal working hours of the car rental office and you leave the car keys in the car rental office key box. Vehicle delivery/return fee off-working hours: 10 EUR
The client is held to return the car with the same amount of fuel it had at the beginning of the rental period. Otherwise, following a written notification from LOGYOS, the client agrees to pay a fee of Euro 50 and the equivalent of the missing fuel, according to the fiscal receipt. No credit is given for extra fuel as compared to the initial amount of fuel.
If the Client fuels the rented vehicle with another fuel than indicated by the manufacturer, the client is held to pay a service charge in the amount of 50 Euro, the cost of transport on platform, the cost of immobilization days in service, the cost of repair according to the repair estimate and the appropriate refuelling.
3. Car rental agreement termination

In the case of unilateral renunciation of the contract by the Client, prior to the agreed contractual period, he/she will not be reimbursed the services and also the Client will be charged the full price of the Rental Agreement/Service for online reservation. The Car Rental Agreement may be unilaterally terminated, following a written notification sent to the other party if one of the parties fails to perform, or inadequately performs its main obligations undertaken by agreement. The agreement is terminated immediately, without the need for court intervention, and without the need to carry out any other formality, at the date of the notification.
You are responsible for all the actions, the costs, the requests and the damage derived from LOGYOS entering into possession of the car. Termination of this agreement does not affect any outstanding payments owned to LOGYOS in accordance with this agreement. Also, LOGYOS has the right to charge any additional amounts needed to cover the damage caused by any breach of the provisions herein by you.
Final provisions: Any disputes or legal proceedings related to this contract shall be filed in a court located in CONSTANTA.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS – rent a car with driver

LOGYOS hereby guarantees that the vehicle / limousine being used for the services listed above is in good condition, and meets reasonable client expectations. Additionally, the vehicle has been maintained according to manufacturer specifications, and can be reasonably expected to be safe and reliable. However, LOGYOS cannot make any guarantee regarding unforeseen breakdowns or defects during the limousine service period.
LOGYOS assumes responsibility for providing a suitable vehicle / limousine staffed by a competent certified professional driver for the day and hours listed in this contract. LOGYOS will not be held liable for delays or cancellations of limousine services due to weather or other unforeseeable events.
THE CLIENT and up to 2 GUESTS shall be allowed to occupy the above listed vehicle / limousine as passengers on the day and hours listed in this contract. All passengers will comply with the following rules at all times during the limousine service (it is forbidden):
Interfering with the driver’s safe operation of the limousine
Acts of neglect or vandalism which could cause damage to the limousine or any individual
Consumption of illegal drugs OR alcohol
Smoking or eating Perishable foods
LOGYOS reserves the right to immediately cease limousine / VEHICLE services without warning if these rules are broken by any passenger.
THE CLIENT agrees to pay for any damages stemming from their actions or the actions of their guests including, but not limited to ripped or stained upholstery, broken glass, or damaged panels on the interior or exterior of the limousine. These charges will be applied to CLIENT’s credit card, on file with LOGYOS.
THE CLIENT agrees to indemnify and hold LOGYOS harmless against any and all claims of liability or damages stemming from LOGYOS providing limousine services pursuant to the terms of this contract.
Should THE CLIENT breach this contract at any time, LOGYOS reserves the right to immediately cancel or cease providing limousine services without notice or refund, and shall be fully entitled to reimbursement of any legal fees incurred in upholding this contract.
This limousine / VEHICLE service contract shall be upheld and enforced according to the laws of ROMANIA. Any disputes or legal proceedings related to this contract shall be filed in a court located in CONSTANTA.